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Check Out Some of the Changes Going On at Terrell Enterprises

For over four decades, Terrell Enterprises has proudly served and furnished the schools throughout Alabama.  During those 40 plus years, we have seen a tremendous change in education and educational environments. Classrooms no longer conform to the institutional, systematic rows of desks that resemble assembly lines of the industrial era. We are living in the age of information, where sharing and collaborating is necessary inside and outside of the classroom.

School cafeterias are becoming more than just a place to eat a meal.  They are turning into social common spaces resembling a Starbucks or fast food restaurant that entice students to “hangout” and purchase their lunch from the school. Libraries are no longer just a quiet area for individual study and reading. They are transforming into vibrant areas with sections dedicated to collaboration, individual productivity, multimedia and so much more.

While so much has changed in the physical space, so too have many of the tools and technologies used in the classroom.  When utilized properly these resources can have a significant impact on the learning experience.  As all of these changes take place in a market we have proudly served for so many years, we realize that we too must evolve along with it.  In doing that, we are excited to announce some of the new changes we have made and will continue to make to complement the ongoing advancements in education.

A New and Improved Online Resource

We have completely redesigned our website to be more accessible and provide more clarity to who we are and what we have to offer educational buyers. Our history as a company is largely predicated on providing furniture and fixtures for schools, but over the years, we have incorporated many solutions that even our long-time customers may not realize we offer. Our mission as a company is to Enhance Educational Environments, and we do that by offering products that engage students, enable teachers and endure the demands of a school setting.  We have procured a line of products, so that we can be a schools ONE SOURCE for Furniture, Classroom Supplies, AV and Technology, Equipment, Flooring and Fixtures.

As an authorized dealer, we represent dozens of industry leading manufacturers, and thousands of products.  It can be overwhelming, to say the least, when trying to find the perfect solution to meet budget requirements as well as the functional, durability and aesthetic needs.  Because we primarily do business based on purchasing contracts and competitive bids, we do not list pricing on our website.  However, we have designed the website to curate information to help educational buyers research products before making what should be a long-term investment.

Utilize the “flip book” style catalogs on our homepage, or visit Our Partners page for a list of the manufacturers we represent, the types of products they offer and links to their websites for more details.  As always, if you’re having trouble, Contact Us and a representative will help find the perfect solution.  We have many more new features that we will be adding to the site in the future to help create a smooth, convenient and streamline customer experience, so stay tuned.

The E3 Blog

As part of our new website, we have incorporated the E3 Blog to provide helpful articles and information to administrators, educators, parents and anyone else interested in Enhancing Educational Environments.

In our 40+ year history, we have delivered and installed thousands of installations and completed hundreds of new construction and renovation projects.  It’s time that we had a place to spotlight all of the amazing projects that our customers are doing, so others might find inspiration for enhancing their own learning spaces.

The blog will also be used to keep our customers informed of conferences we will be attending, specials and promotions we are running, and to highlight new and innovative products, so check back often.

New and Innovative Products for Education

As previously mentioned, the educational space is changing rapidly which is why we focus primarily on educational applications.  We are not an office furniture company that happened to open an education division.  We were founded as an education focused company and we continue that focus today.

We spend a great deal of time and resources researching products, trends and solutions within the education realm that encompass not only furniture, but fixtures, equipment, supplies and technology, as well.  We are constantly reaching out to manufacturers and suppliers, so that we can bring new and innovative products to our customers and remain at the forefront of assisting the advancement of education.

An Online Purchasing Experience

While we do not offer pricing through this website, we have launched Terrell School Supply where you can find our full line of classroom supplies and school resources along with a small selection of furniture and AV equipment at retail prices.  Join the E3 Community or Contact Us for educator discounts and coupon codes.

Looking to the Future

We have many more exciting changes coming in the future, and we can’t wait to share them with you.  We also love feedback, so feel free to leave us a comment and let us know the types of changes you’d like to see.  With everything that’s changing, one thing that will never change is our commitment to service and providing an outstanding customer experience.

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