Our Mission Is Simple:Enhance Educational Environments

As a full-service educational supplier, we provide an extensive array of products to help create safe, modern, engaging and durable learning environments while providing resources that empower teaching and enhance learning.

Our Purpose

Mission Statement | We endeavor to Enhance Educational Environments by creating productive, safe and modern spaces that engage students, enable teachers and endure the demands of learning facilities, while providing outstanding customer experiences through dependable, flexible and personal service.

  • Engage Students by creating environments that promote focus and productivity through the effective use of color, design, decor, lighting control, ergonomics and interactive resources.
  • Enable teachers through the use of furniture, equipment and resources that accommodate different learning and teaching styles as well as encourage the incorporation of technology.
  • Endure School Settings with Durable Design: innovative design using products of uncompromising quality, built to endure long-term applications in demanding educational environments.
We Create Innovative and Productive Learning Environments
To Help You Create Innovative and Productive Students
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Our Philosophy

School Design with the Future in Mind

For over 40 years, our product focus and expertise has been on educational applications where function and durability are just as important as design due to the rigorous use by many individuals of differing sizes, weight and maturity levels. Our products, services, recommendations, training and ongoing research are specifically geared to complement the ongoing advancements in education and to provide greater value through longer product life and lower total cost of ownership.

Invest in Innovative learning spaces

We believe that the physical environment has an impact on the mood, concentration, productivity and ultimately the success of students. An investment into safe, modern, dynamic, engaging and durable educational environments is an investment in the future of your students, faculty and facility.

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Our Story

We are an Alabama based, family owned company that has been serving educational facilities for over 40 years.

In 1975, Bobby Terrell founded Terrell Enterprises, Inc. with a simple idea to provide schools with quality furniture and fixtures along with a full service delivery and installation solution. He began with only two product lines: Sico mobile cafeteria tables and Charles W. Rice window shades. Bobby, and often times his son, would spend many days (and nights) delivering tables, installing stools and hanging window shades while his wife, Mary Lou Terrell, managed “the books” from the small office of a pizza parlor they ran in Greenville, AL.

As a family, they began to grow the company through hard work, uncompromising product quality and unmatched personal service. Bobby began to add additional sales staff, while Mary Lou scheduled deliveries and installations for the growing in-house installation team. Over four decades later, Bobby has since retired, and his son, Al Brannon, has taken control of the family business with the same dedication to product quality and customer service.

Today, we continue to expand our product lines to meet the needs of our customers, and supply products and services that complement the ongoing advancements in education. We research innovative products and strategically partner with industry leading manufacturers to curate a flexible and comprehensive line of furniture, fixtures, flooring, equipment and supplies for virtually any educational environment. Our unofficial motto is, “If it goes in a school, you can most likely get it from us.”

Since our humble beginnings, many things have changed, but one thing that has not is our commitment to a personalized customer experience. It’s this dedication and focus on the educational facilities around our state that has allowed us to uniquely serve our customers when, where and how they need us no matter how big a project or small and unique an order. We have a proven history of reliable service and experience that our customers have come to depend on to conveniently streamline their purchasing process from concept to completion.

Terrell Enterprises has been blessed with amazing customers, employees, and partners throughout the years, and we are truly thankful for each and every person and opportunity that has made this company into what it is. We will continue to work hard for our customers in an effort to help them enhance their educational environments through products that engage students, enable teachers and endure the demands of learning facilities.