Customer Care Reps


At Terrell Enterprises, we take pride in the service that we provide to our customers.  We feel that the relationship that we form with each customer plays a vital role in the success of our company.  Our customers are assigned a customer care representative based on their location, product needs and application.

Each representative is trained to help you through every step of your purchasing process, giving you just one point of contact for your entire project.  Locate your customer care representative below and let them save you time and money.

K-12 Education, Commercial, Healthcare and Other Facilities

furniture and Sport Court for Alabama customers

Sales Territory Map for Alabama

Kent PhillipsKent Phillips
Northwest Alabama
Phone: (205) 936-1415
Fax: (205) 620-2985

Liz ReinkingSpencer Sirmon
Northeast Alabama
Toll Free: 1-800-882-7009
Fax: (334) 382-7416

Ron SteubeRon Steube
Central Alabama
Phone: (334) 294-2106
Fax: (334) 382-7416

Al BrannonAl Brannon
Southwest Alabama
Phone: (334) 437-1072
Fax: (334) 382-7416

Lionel RaineyLionel Rainey
Southeast Alabama
Phone: (334) 437-2564
Fax: (334) 382-7416


Casework Division

for Education, Commercial and Healthcare Applications

Beth BrogdenBeth Brogden
Work: 1-800-882-7009
Fax: (334) 382-7416

Colleges and Universities

furniture and Sport Court

Kent PhillipsKent Phillips
Work: (205) 620-2989
Mobile: (205) 936-1415
Fax: (205) 620-2985