State Contracts


Terrell Enterprises, Inc. is an authorized State contract vendor in the states listed below.  To view information on State contract purchasing and to see a list of approved manufacturers, please click on your state.

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Terrell Enterprises, Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of products on State contract for local government departments, agencies, institutions, offices, schools and facilities.  State contracts are intended to save you time and money. Because State contracts meet competitive bid requirements of the General Municipal Law, they can easily be used as an alternative to procure goods locally.

Benefits of State Contracts:

  • Reduce or eliminate time required to prepare bid specifications.
  • Enhance and simplify the purchase process.
  • Minimize the time required to identify responsible vendors and dealers.
  • Benefit from the competitiion of many bidders seeking large volume contracts.
  • Provide benchmarks to judge the reasonableness of vendor quotations or bids solicited by localities.
  • Help avoid certain controversies that may arise during the competitive bidding process.